To unlock analog modular synthesizers you have to connect them by cable. The right connection gives you the best sound you can get. Just like RWAC shows!

Those three artists are from totally different directions which creates THAT distinctive ,,technoid" sound. The sound people WANT on the dance floor! Just like VÖs (Traum Schallplatten), MBF and Trapez have proved. RWAC: That includes Mario Hammer, Andreas Beiderwieden and Virgil Stefan. They have more than 40 years of different music experience and they put all their passion in their dreamy tracks of the new album ,,Kinder dieser Küste", that you can find on Babiczstyle.

"Im Schlepptau LFO" and ,,Teufelswasser" are the first releases and just after listening to those two songs you directly realize what makes the difference to other artists!

You wanna know why everything is happening near the coast??? Because life is so much easier on the coast!!! RWAC are ,,Kinder dieser Küste". That might be the reason for their playful but boppy Techno sound from the North! Every single track sounds like a wonderful day on the beach.