Bastian Erath from Krefeld and Marc Preuß from Düsseldorf are the creative minds behind “2insicht”- They met each other in 2006 at University whilst studying Architecture and soon discovered they had the same interest in music- Both had DJ experience and out of the idea “two heads are better than one” decided to get together and so “2insicht” was born. Three things regarding our name were important, something we both could identify with, the number 2 being us, “Insicht” sighting each other at university and it should be German.

Electronic music has a lot of facets and the sound of “2insicht” is a mix of House and Techno. The sound design of their favourite sets is a sampling of deep frequent bass, rhythmic and highly detailed grooves coupled with elegant pushes of smoothness and an aesthetic interfacing with shredded voice-overs. The various elements of Jazz, Hip-Hop and Soul in the single sets carry the fans enthusiastically to the dance floor.